Wholesome. Individually Sealed. Delivered.

Wholesome ingredients


Individually packed

Hygienically sealed

Contactless delivery

100% recyclable packaging

Kosher certified


Snack smart.

There’s never been a better time to focus on your health.

If you snack smart what a difference it can make to your overall well-being. 

A good snack helps to manage hunger, reduce over-eating at mealtime and help bolster your immunity. 


Our snacks are portion-controlled and hygienically sealed into convenient packs - delivered to your door.


☞ Boardroom Snacks and Branded Boardroom Boxes

☞ Mini Bar Snacks and Nibbles

☞ Welcome Amenities

Boardroom Snacks

Offer your guests, an individually sealed, wholesome snack. We also offer branded boardroom boxes to house and display your snacks.


No Touch Delivery

We are keeping our deliveries clean, for your safety and ours.


All snacks and boxes are handled with well sanitised hands. This is standard practice. 

Vehicles are equipped with hand sanitiser.

Drivers wear gloves.


Packing staff and drivers wear

face masks.


Boxes are delivered to your gate or front door.


The driver rings your bell or gives you a call.


The driver stands 2m from the box 

or waits in the car with a view of the box. Depending on what’s feasible at the delivery point.


You are emailed your delivery confirmation as opposed to any physical paperwork.

There is no interaction between you and the driver.

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